The Future of Technology

Talking about the future of Technology, let’s take a look at how much interest younger generations have taken in it either for career advancement, everyday use or problem-solving.

Today’s younger generations have not known a world without the Internet, smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media networks.

Social media is not at all negative as believed by some school of thoughts and the younger generations are the avid, most active users of these platforms.

Technology, in general, has some very life changing positive impacts on lives but that’s a choice you would have to consciously make.

Younger Generations’ Interest in Technology as a Career path

Technology has its positive effects on younger generations if used in the right way because it is a very useful tool for career advancement and the most affordable way of learning.

Skill Acquisition

With technology, you are free to learn whatever you want to learn whether it is a new skill in any area or you want to impact your own knowledge. You can do all that using technology and so much more.

The smart younger ones would use technology to advance their careers by reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, subscribing to email newsletters, signing up for free online courses all to learn new skills which would put them ahead of their mates in the labour market.

Technology also helps when searching for jobs because apart from online job sites, there are Twitter handles that connect directly to companies on LinkedIn when they post jobs vacancies.

YouTube is a vast wealth of knowledge and a useful tool for career advancement and even personal skill development. Best part? It’s free.

Online Courses

With Technology, online courses sites like Lynda, Udemy and so on can now help you attain a higher level in your existing profession by tutoring on the next level of skillset required to take your career to the next level.

Professional Certifications

You can now sign up, learn and attain professional certifications which can help you achieve your dream job or increase your professional level and career.

Even on the Job or in school, technology is still saving lives by enabling them to conduct research on topics whether it's for work or a client or maybe it’s a school assignment.

Younger Generations’ Interest in Technology for Day to Day Use

Technology is extremely useful for day to day use because of how fast messages gets across from sender to receiver and vice versa.

For schools

Groups can be created on various social media platforms to enables the instant flow of new information to all participants of that group.

Lecturers can communicate with their students via emails, they can also submit assignments, tests, project works via emails and this prepares the student for professional working life.

For Work

Communication all around the office can be done through emails, project management tools or a communication software where everyone in the company is connected to that platform and you can get across to anyone when you need them during office hours.


Easily accessible in some countries

Technology, Internet, smartphones and social media are super easy in some countries with parents giving their children smartphones at early ages.

Easy to operate and manage

Unlike older generations, younger people are quicker to learn technologically related stuff like the use of smartphones, Internet and social media because they were exposed to it when they were much younger.


Everyone has that thing we are addicted to and to younger generations, it is social media, the Internet and smartphones. You can see them texting on the street, in public transportation and some, even while driving.


The use of the Internet and different social media platforms enable users to shape who they want to be. Some may choose to be someone else on their social media profiles while others may keep it real but having that choice alone is very interesting.

What has changed in comparison to previous generations?

Early exposure and the Internet.

Younger generations have been exposed to Technology at a much younger age than their parents or grandparents and this has created room for a faster learning curve and adoption rate.

The Internet has supercharged everything technological because everything is now available in technological forms, which mostly require Internet access may be for cloud storage or daily operations or even both.

The older generation didn’t have much technological exposure and or access to the Internet


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