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Through this feature, we catch up with TechAdvance team members to learn a bit more about our respective work, what excites us about it and being a part of the company. Look out for some great responses to the random quizzing!

The compliance and procurement team at TechAdvance exists to ensure that all necessary conditions and purchases that ought to be met concerning the smooth operation of its products; platforms and services are duly sourced, processed and delivered efficiently.

Human of the Day: Eghosa Ewone

Meet Eghosa Ewone, who helps drive this department. He shares views on love for his work, humanitarian activity outside the office and how he makes all parts come together.

What is your job title?

 I am the Lead, Procurement and Regulatory Compliance.

What work does your department do?

The procurement team manages order cycle and closure, supplies and acquisitions of various equipment and materials needed while the compliance team plays the role of ensuring the company is in total conformity with all laws, regulations, certifications, licenses and standards required of its products and services.

What do you love about your job?

Two core reasons. Relationships and its Dynamism. I enjoy working with people across all strata and building relationships. Procurement requires excellent relationship building with everyone from suppliers to sales, marketing and maintenance, facilities to finance & risk to PR to be able to deliver efficiently. Also, saving money is a major aspect required of the job and thus, the ability to avoid cost, reduce it, and help my company achieve profitability is a major propelling factor.

When did you join TechAdvance?

October 2016

What is your favorite quote, which applies to work?

“What you do is what matters, not what you think, or say, or plan” ~ Jason Fried - REWORK. 

Describe the culture at TechAdvance in your opinion

The culture at TA is startup driven - one required for technology firms to continuously reinvent themselves. From having an inspirational leader who wears pyjamas to colleagues who deliver great work & take on tasks without being in a traditional office environment, TA isn't a regular place to work. Passion, values and an amazing work ethic drive its people and despite the challenging issues faced daily, the burning passion and extreme interest to get things done set us apart from the competition.

When you aren’t working, what do you love doing?

When I'm not working, I'm volunteering to end widespread hunger and food waste with @FoodCliqueSupport. I see this as my life's mission. 

Do you remember your first day at TechAdvance? What were your observations? 

My first day at work remains a memorable one. We had begun to spread further into the Northern part of Nigeria & we welcomed our colleagues from that region to a meeting. For me, it was game on from day one so, the week was mostly filled with introductions, learning the ropes, setting expectations and demonstrating the value I was called upon for. 

What is your favourite memory here at TechAdvance?

Birthdays remain a favourite time for me at TA. We get to find time to celebrate with our colleague, putting work and perhaps any grievances aside. 

Do you have any superpowers?

People tend to say I am a master negotiator. I guess this has to be it!


TechAdvance is a payment application development company with a strategic focus in developing and deploying niche payment companies to serve the needs of large public and private sector organisations in Nigeria.

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