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Through this feature, we catch up with TechAdvance team members to learn a bit more about our respective work, what excites us about it and being a part of the company. Look out for some great responses to the random quizzing!

humans of techadvance

Human of the day: Tosin Animashaun

What is your job title?

I am Team Lead, Integrations at TechAdvance.

What does the Integrations team do? 

We glue software. Basically, we build web services and make systems talk to themselves.

For instance, when you click a button on your phone to complete a transaction, a chain of successive API calls (from system to system) typically occur before the final response returns you. APIs are a way to make disparate software systems interoperable.

When did you start working at TechAdvance?

August 2016.

What do you love about your job?

The sense of fulfilment I get from it, having chosen this path mainly for the passion.

The opportunity -- and I do see it as an "opportunity" -- to be creative; to build something that forms an important part of the daily lives of millions of people. You know, that gratification that comes from knowing that everyday you wake up to go to work, your contributions are significant.

What is your Favourite quote or mantra which applies to work?

I love every line from the Zen of Python, which is a collection of mantras, so to speak, but I'll quote the 12th line, which reads, "In the face of ambiguity, resist the temptation to guess."

Describe the culture at TechAdvance (in your opinion)

On one hand, as a tech company (and rather expectedly), TechAdvance is a space where technology disruption is a daily affair. On the other hand, I see a company trying to disrupt work culture -- in a good way.

The culture is one of the things I like most about this place. First is the air of freedom that fosters genuine creativity. Then, the conducive and friendly atmosphere and the way it all culminates in growth! (In retrospect, I see where I've come from.)

When you are not working, what do you love doing?

I work! Ha ha! More seriously, I have a wide array of interests, so I try to indulge in one of these other activities that pick my fancy, including listening to podcasts, browsing Quora (or contributing), and reading, just to name a few.

On the side, I am also an exco member of the Python Nigeria community. So, community duties.

Do you remember your first week at work here? Please give a brief description of your observations.

Not vividly, but I do recall some of it.

I had come in from a teaching role at my previous place, where I taught programming. You know, teaching, and actually sitting down to get your hands dirty, are not exactly the same; so I had to go through something of a paradigm shift.

My first week happened in a bit of a rush. My job role required me to hit the ground running, so I had to learn so much about the operations of the company pretty quickly. I had a lot of email corresponding to do -- you can tell what that would be like for a programmer. And I had sit through meetings.

I was lucky enough to have the support and mentoring of my team lead at the time, as he did well to show me the ropes.

Overall, it was quite a pretty heightened experience.

Do you have any ‘special powers’?

Uhm... this one is a bit difficult. I don't see myself as having any kind of superpower. Perhaps, I could say it's my high threshold for staying through anything I "decide" to do.

Also, it could be my ability to context switch rather effortlessly. Still, I wouldn't say I'm the best at any of the aforementioned or tag them as "superpowers".


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