Evolution of Transportation Systems in Nigeria

You can hardly do much productively without the use of transportation, it is so essential,  it is now fully integrated into our day-to-day lives.

It dates back to transportation by foot, which has now evolved to automated cars - Self-driving cars & driverless cars like Tesla, on-demand ride services like Uber & Taxify.

Transportation is no longer limited to goods and people, it now plays a very important role and is used for making positive contributions to a country’s economy which leads to national growth and prosperity.

Modes of Transportation

1. Road

The road is by far the most used mode of transportation in Nigeria as most workers take road transport to work every day, the significant number of people travelling every day by roads, day-to-day outings, meetings and meetups is mostly done via road transportation using vehicles.

Source: The National Bureau of Statistics revealed that as at the third quarter of 2017, Nigeria had about 11,547,236 motor vehicles in the country.

About 4,656,725 of these vehicles are privately owned while, 6,749,461 vehicles are registered as commercial vehicles. Another 135,216 vehicles are registered as government-owned vehicles while 5,834 vehicles are registered for diplomats.

2. Air

Most people have become comfortable with air transportation mainly because it’s faster and in most cases, can reach where road transportation can’t. For example; International flights.

If international travel can be done via road, I’m sure some people would opt for road travel instead of air.

3. Train

The train transportation in Nigeria is operated by the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) and trains are used to convey heavy goods and people. It usually operates in long distance travels.

4. Water5. Pipeline

Evolution of Transportation System in Nigeria

Technology has influenced the Nigerian transportation system making it a better system because it expands transportation feasibilities while also improving on them.

Each mode of transportation has evolved in its own way.

1. Road

Road transportation began with riding bicycles, fast forward a few decades, we have vehicles (automobiles), which can be personally owned by individuals and used for movement within a specific region after the proper licensing has been approved.

Now, on-demand ride services like Uber and Taxify have brought the feeling of owning your personal car into reality without having to spend money to buy one, you can simply order for a car ride and the car comes to you. Everything is done for your convenience.

Still, on the evolution of road transportation system in Nigeria, the process of travelling via buses or luxurious buses was done manually meaning if you want to travel by road, you would have to go to the parks, bus terminals days before the day you want to travel to book your space and pay your bus fee but all that has changed now.

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2. Air

Over the last 10 years, air transportation has changed a lot with more incoming and outgoing international flights.

There were a time aeroplanes were so small, passengers didn’t have freedom of movement and during long flights, it became very uncomfortable for passengers.

Now, different airline companies are providing luxurious ways to make passengers feel more relaxed, satisfied and get them a feeling of home right inside the plane. Some airlines provide bed-like seats, cabins/suites that remind you of your home and shopping stores to keep you engaged while travelling long distances.

Uses of Transportation in Nigeria

Well this is a little more advanced because transportation is in everything we do, its uses have evolved to the following;

Carry goods and people:

This is the most basic use of transportation which is the movement of goods or people from one location to another.

This can be either by travelling or trucking/haulage. Using different modes of transportation, you can travel long, short distances at incredibly fast or slow speed.

Trucking/Haulage is something we see every day in Nigeria, with big trucks transporting goods or tankers moving fuel to petrol stations.

Logistics/Local Delivery

Modern day businesses knowns as start-ups can use transportation to solve their logistics needs by performing local deliveries to their customers and offering a pay on delivery mode of payment.
Transportation has also made the transportation of products developed by business over a long distance usually to international markets for commercial purposes.

This ties directly to every country’s exportation and importation scheme because without transportation money won’t be realized from a country’s natural resources.

Everyday Movement

Transportation is used for everyday movements like going to work, outings, business meetings etc. You can’t go anywhere without transportation either it’s by road, air, rail or water. You will still need a form of transportation to get to your destination.

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